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  Benefits of Vedic Maths

Vedic  maths  originates from our ancient holy VEDAS. Our divine  sages had  mentioned many miraculous methods  for solving our mathematical problems , ages  before. It  is a much much  easy system in comparison to our conventional  methods, taught in schooling.


     Problems of multiplication , division , squaring of numbers , Cubing , algebraic equations and many more can be solved by vedic methods , very easily , very quickly saving our enormous time and energy e.g. 92 x 98 = 9016 , 85 = 7225 & 986 = 972196 & 79 x 999 = 78921 etc. can be  done mentally and many multiple digits sums can be solved in one line. Importance  of  doing better in mathematics is known to each  person in today’s  competitive  times.


If  you learn  these methods , you  will  definitely be  more confident and perform much better in math exams  by  saving a lot of time. Thus result  will improve considerably. Many  students are afraid  of  mathematics , they  see this subject as horror  and  do poorly  in  exams. The Vedic teaching  will  instill  and enhance confidence  in  them and  improve their scoring.

  It  is useful for students  from standard  VI  to XII  and even after 10+2 the students who  are preparing  for misc.  competitive exams like  IIT , CAT , MBA , MCA , Bsc. , Bcom. etc. will find it of  immense help.


We  have a 15-20 classes crash course  for  you. Now  it is up to you to understand the importance of this and take full benefit.