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Each  digit and number has some peculiar quality. Each alphabet and word has some  significance. As per your date of birth / Name , you may know which numbers are favorable / lucky for you and then you can accordingly select your  house number , phone number & vehicle number etc.

You will know which country is more suitable for your residence/ profession?

I  shall suggest you the lucky name for you / your kid / pet / home /  office / shop / business enterprise / firm / company / industry etc. so that it may prosper smoothly.

First I will suggest you the first starting alphabet for the concerned query, then  you have the option of selecting multiple names on your own , starting from that letter, then out of those names I will find the most suitable / lucky name for you. You will also come to know some specific characteristics about that name.

Though the use of numerology principles is limited , in the absence of actual horoscope it works as an auxiliary tool. For the preparation of horoscope , date of birth , time of birth and place of birth is required. Many persons know their actual date of birth but have no idea about time , numerology comes to their rescue. It will also help you to find out favorable gem / stone & colours , suitable for you. How will be your chemistry with your spouse / friend / partner is an eye opener. Some  other questions can be answered by numerological prashanank.

Specific yantras , lockets and gems are suggested for you to overcome hindrances coming your way.