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  Marriage - Guidelines


Marriage is a most important column  of life after longevity and health. It is a turning point of one’s life.

In these days many marriages are shattered due to non – compatibility of individuals to each other or due to many other unforeseen circumstances. It may be a very  sweet or bitter experience of one’s life.

• Know the suitable time for marriage as per your horoscope , because any marriage solemnized during  malefic periods or before a particular age may fail or play a havoc.

• Proper match – making ( depending upon birth – star , mangleek yoga , other planets matching and name etc. ) is important for good marital life , profession and children etc.

• Know the possible features of your would be spouse , possible direction of spouse residence etc.

• Know the auspicious muhurta ( date and time )  for engagement and marriage.

• Know the probability of love – marriage , second marriage etc.

• Know some important aspects of  your marriage life and some valuable tips to make your marriage life a heaven.

• Suitable remedies for a happy domestic life and remedies to control your partner. Just send us your actual date of birth , time of birth and place of birth.

In case of  unavailability of these datas contact & put up your specific question, shall be answered by analyzing Prashna-chart.