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 Kaal Sarpa Yoga

Many Pandits and fake Astrologers are misleading the public about Kaal Sarpa dosh. They are frightening people for their personal benefit .I have have come across many horoscopes in which there was no Kaal Sarpa or in effective dosh and the problem at that time they were facing were due to other Yogas or malefic dosh in their horoscope but these so that called Pandits /Astrologers ,blamed falsely the reasonability on these dosh.Therefore you should be very careful and know from a genius learned Astrology weather such yogas exists in your horoscope and what type of effect /result may bring & when .then take precaution & do useful remedies. I had so many horoscope in which this dosh was present but in which they ace no malefic result. there are many in our society about this so called "Kaal Sarpa Dosh"