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  Educational Guidance

A thorough and analytical study of one’s horoscope clearly indicates the educational yogas present in it, giving clear guidance about the subject to be chosen , the field to be adopted and the educational level of the native. Now-a-days there are numerous lines for education / career as Science , Arts , Commerce , Engineering in different streams , MBA , MCA , C.A. , C.S. , Medical , HR , Media , Law , Fashion , Music , Astrology , Religion ,  Sports and so on , hence so much confusion is created  in mind as to which stream shall be most suitable for him / her.

    The best time for a course, educational attainments and possibility of education abroad, all these queries can be answered  by properly analyzing the planetary positions , their strength in  horoscope , sub – vargas and following misc. dashas. You may Know the best remedies to improve your marks / rank & educational attainments.

     Just send us your date, time and place of birth .In case of unavailability of these datas  put up your specific question which shall be answered by analyzing Prashna-Chart.