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Dasha system is the tool for finding the timing of an event promised in birth-chart. Whole life of a human being is divided into various dashas. There are many types of dashas in Hindu Astrology such as Vimshottari Dasha, Ashttotari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Panchottari Dasha……..and so on, these dashas are based on Birth-Constellation (Janam-Nakshatras) or 12 Signs, but Vimshottari dasha is of prime importance. This dasha is calculated from Birth-Constellation and it’s lord. In this dasha-system all 9 planets have been assigned different time-periods from 6 years to 20 years. Dasha of each planet is sub-divided into 9 Antardashas (Sub-periods) .Each Dasha-Antardasha has certain good or bad effects/results, amount of these results depend on their Lord’s position and their mutual relationship in concerned birth-chart. Dasha-Antardasha periods vary from 3 months 18 days to 4 years 4 months. Our whole life time is divided into such periods of Sun to Ketu. How would our current and future time go through? This is studied thru these Dasha-Antardasha planets in birth-chart. Proper remedies are decided for these planets to prevent the evil effects, if any. Which is the auspicious time for marriage, favorable time for starting any new venture, favorable time for going abroad, suitable time for purchasing/constructing a property, all this can be find out by analyzing misc. dasha periods. Importance of these Dasha-Antardashas is huge in astrology, as we can plan our future in advance with the help of correct analysis of coming dashas. In Varsh-Phala ( Annual Horoscope ) too, running dasha-phala should be taken into account.