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 Bhagya Reading


How much strong is our Luck Factor? It is the 9th house  in the  Lagna - Chart which is deciding factor of the fate, therefor,called the fate house or Bhagya – Sthana and its lord is said to be the lord of fate or ‘Bhagyesh’ . It is the position of the different planets in the 9th house and position of the 9th lord along with it’s potency, which  decides the strength of our luck.


 When our luck will shine? It is possible to foretell the lucky time and favourable conditions by properly calculating important planet’s placements and their Dashas . It is prudent to take the  maximum benefit  of this time and take all our important decisions in accordance with our lucky & favourable period.


one can mitigate or reduce the problems, hindrances and sufferings coming in one's way by improving the luck factor by doing suitable remedies. We can increase our luck factor by easy and suitable remedies & wearing suitable gem/stone etc.