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      About Us

It is an honour for me to being a native of PRAYAG ( Allahabad ) -the holy and historical city of U.P. where 3 rivers GANGA , YAMUNA AND SARASWATI meet  “ SANGAM ” ( also called TRIVENI ) world famous for KUMBH.

I was born on 31.12.1971.I got inclined  to religion ,astrology ,& spiritualism from the  young age of 13 , though I completed my engg. Education , I am pursuing  jyotish , doing POOJA  and research and guiding people thru difficult times and all this I firmly know , is my destiny. When people get relief and happiness by following my suggestions & remedies , I get  immense satisfaction and this is the achievement.

Today genuine , knowledgeable and authentic scholars of astrology are not so famous and known to world.But many scoundrels and fake Pandits – astrologers have adopted this field as a easy source of income.They lure people to wear precious stones , rings , Yantras and lockets ( Tabiz ) etc. for miraculous results.They cheat people by taking hefty amount of money in the name of doing some special pooja or Tantrik pooja for excellent results and people cave in for greed or under compulsion.

I fully believe that pooja done by own , recitation of suitable MANTRAS on own or practicing DHYANA( Meditation ) of GOD is most powerful way of coming out of troubled waters.

I want to make people free from the clutches of such wicked so called tantriks , Babas , Mahatmas , Pundits and astrologers. There are more than 90 % fake people in astrology world , who see this as an easy  and blossoming  profession  and they are involved  in heinous and sinful acts.

Believe me , this is only by GOD’s grace that a person find a right doctor , astrologer or consultant  for the treatment of his / her illness.I want to spread the light of true Bhakti , Gyan and astrology to every human on earth for peace.Regular study of religious books , Puranas , Vedas , Upvedas and Upnishads etc. is highly recommended. This will give you an insight , fighting spirit ,  will power and confidence  to face and handle the worst situations of life. 

 All  of you are requested to suggest  us your valuable thoughts about this , as how can the ocean of jyotish and spiritualism be kept clean and dirty fishes out of water?